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  • From 6.4 to 8.4

    I've been reading and learning on this site for about 2.5 years and today it is my first time to join and post (sorry for my bad english)
    I dont have pics of proof and im posting this to show my success i had also inspire others
    Who believe believes.

    When i first started i was 6.4 bpel(measuring above penis pressing ruller next to dorsal vein)
    I gave it a try for about 1 month maybe a little longer and i got to 6.8.
    I got very bussy and kinda slipped from routine.
    After 3 months off i resumed again and from 6.8 got to 7.3
    I dont remmember i had any eq issues i had same erection as when beginning(9.5) only a little loosened ligaments which make my erection angle decreased a little.

    ((My routine was about 10 min manual stretching on every direction, helicopter shakes, and 10-20 min jelqing and after that about 200-500 keggels. 5on/2off))

    I splipped unintentionaly from routine.
    And resumed 6-7 months later.
    This time i was much more motivated and prepared than before.
    I started with 10 min manual stretching an 10 min jelqing for 2 week to get used to exercises.
    And i lifted time up to 20 min manuals and jelqing in 3.week.
    In 4. week i got up to 7.5 (max erect)
    Another 2-3 weeks i was stuck at same length
    I raised routine to 30 min manuals and 30 min jelqing.
    Then i saw gradually increase again and after 6 weeks i got up to 8.1 inch (max erect) and hitted plateau.
    I tried to break it with 40 min manuals and jelqing also 40 min.
    I was still stucked at 8.1
    I stopped feeling any burn sensations at a base in ligaments.
    I took decondition break for 9-10 months.
    And i lost about 0.2

    I started again 1 week 10 min jelqing 10 min manuals.
    2.week same but raised to 15 min
    3 week same but 20 min per exercise.
    I regained size from 7.9 back to 8.1.
    I quickly increased routine to 35 min manuals and 35 min jelqing
    And in the next 5-6 weeks raised to 8.4 inch. (max erect).
    And i hit plateau again.
    I tried decondition break for 1 and a half month and it didnt yielded in results at all even during a break neither when i started again.
    I still dont fell any burning in ligaments as when i was newbie.

    Now im trying decon for 6 months it should be enough to get in the more pliable state.
    I hope once i resume i will increase length up to 8.7. Maybe max 8.9.

    Im strong believer that decondition breaks were the key of my success and in my opinion is best way to take 3-12 months.
    With increasing intensity to crazy amounts you will maybe get through plateau but there is risk you can toughen ligaments and tunica and you will need even more time to invest in decon after that.
    When i get burning at base in ligaments pretty much same as when i started i know it will yield in size increase only if im consistent.

    Even with decon breaks i reached point where gains starts little slowly but its still very enough to keep going for it.
    My erection angle is about 10 o'clock (((before was about 11 o'clock)
    I think i still didnt reached max ligament gains.
    I think i have another 0.8 inch to gain from ligaments.
    It will be more harder than before but in 2-3 years including decon breaks i should get from 8.4 to at least 9 bpel if not 9.2 bpel
    And for 10 i think its to early to plan especially from starting size i had but maybe devices and trying to put most focus on tunica lenghtening i will reach but idk when it will be.
    "Now i measure 8.1 in weaker erection(about 8) and this is how i know i didnt get EQ quality gains but real gains."

    So far i didnt tried any devices(hangers, extenders, pumps)
    I will when i exchaust all potential in manual exercises.

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    Congratulations on your progress, and thanks for the informative post!
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      Congratulations,nice job!
      Did you keep doing the kegels down the way or only the stretches and jelqs?


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        I only do keggels while im warming up(5 min) and warming down (5min)
        So far i never done during stretching or jelqing.


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          Tnx i appreciate your response 🙂


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            Originally posted by Big Al View Post
            Congratulations on your progress, and thanks for the informative post!
            I appreciate your response🙂


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              Wow those are incredible results. Well done man!

              Start - 20/05/18.

              BPEL - 6.75
              EG - 5.00

              Current stats.

              25/4/20 BPEL - 8.35 "
              EG - 5.7 "


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                how was that burning sensation on the ligaments?

                you felt that all day long?


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                  grats on the gains Goingto10

                  I seriously need to do more manuels
                  I hate doing them
                  Last edited by Alex1988; 10-14-2020, 03:55 PM.
                  Start 7.28 x 4.88 Current 8.11 x 5.43


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                    Do you have any evidence?


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                      The op did this for himself not to convince others .
                      Congrats on your great results Op.


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                        Wow huge gains bro, nice job.
                        05/3/19: 6.25 BPEL, 5.75 NBPEL, 4.67 MSEG,
                        12/13/20: 7 BPEL, 6.38 NBPEL, 4.87 MSEG - 22% volume increase
                        05/15/21: 7.25 BPEL 6.63 NBPEL 5 MSEG - 32% volume increase
                        Short term goal: 7.5x5


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                          I dont have any evidence.
                          Im only posting my story and its up to others do they believe or not.

                          Im posting my experience and knowledge i earned from reading and training for 3 years and i hope someone will pass the plateau easier.

                          I felt burning sensation in ligaments only during stretching.
                          Pretty much same as you try to stretch arms or legs.

                          Not after that, sometime sore but never pain or burning.

                          My erection was in upward angle when i started.
                          I think that mean good potential in ligaments and thats why i got that results.
                          I still have high erection angle but not like before.

                          Now im 8.2bpel, so im going to 9.
                          Maybe it will take one cycle which lasts approx 3 months or two cycles to achieve 9bpel but we will see.

                          After 2-3 months i will start again now im on 5 month decondition break.


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                            I just genuinely don't believe it. It was probably an inch, and then some generous alterations in measurement technique.


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                              Originally posted by kegelinnyc View Post
                              I just genuinely don't believe it. It was probably an inch, and then some generous alterations in measurement technique.
                              I genuinely think you are being obstinate.
                              03/2015 Start <Able to last ~ 2 mins PIV>
                              12/2019 EL: +2.2 MEG: +1 <Able to last 60+ mins PIV>