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How long did it take you to gain your first 1/2-inch in length?

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  • How long did it take you to gain your first 1/2-inch in length?

    Although the scientific community hasn't devoted significant resources to the effectiveness of penis exercises, we here at PEGym do try to get some quantitative understanding of the successes our members experience.

    With this in mind, I'd love to hear how long it took you to reach your first 1/2-inch in length!

    If you would like to share the details of your routine (which exercises you do/did, did you use any devices, how many days per week did you exercise, etc.), that would be also very helpful!

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    Hello, I would like to say i was skeptical in the beginning.
    I started in the beginning of August 2015 with the basic warm up, stretching and jelqing routine for about 4 months or so, like the JP90 program. In December I added the Hercules bathmate and X4 extender to my daily exercises.
    Using the bathmate in the morning before work with 3 x 5 mins pumps and in the evening the X4 for 2 to 3 hrs. Come January 2016 I dropped the manual stretching and jelqing because I found it required extra time in my day of which I didn't have.
    So the last 4 months have been with bathmate and X4 only.
    The last 2 weeks I have been pumping to 6.5" in the bathmath from a start of 6"
    Overall the last 10 months honestly have gained close to a 1/2" in erect length and 1/2" in girth .
    I was 5.5" erect (not bone press) and am now 1 mm shy of 6".
    Thanks to the information and support of members here I have achieved happy results.
    Thanks to you all.

    PS: I have also just purchased the "Stealth for men". It does keep your flaccid penis extended through the day and gives you a bigger feel. Has anyone else tried this product? and do you think it may help in length gains.
    Thanks for any feed back on this

    Started 4-08-2015:

    FL: 3.5" FG: 3.75" BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.5"

    Goals: FL: 5.5" FG: 6" BPEL: 7" EG: 6.5"


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      I had to check my progress log but 3 months doing a light version of JP90. I also gained just under a quarter of an inch EG in that time.
      The Newt's Progress


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        Thanks, Roadglide and AlpineNewt!! How about everyone else?

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          First 1/2" was back when I didn't keep a log. Probably 3 months of pumping and very light jelqing; twice a day of 5min at 5"Hg, then 10min at 9"Hg. I've since changed my opinion of what to do when starting out.


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            I've only gained .4", but that was basically all in my first month of pumping, which was my intro to PE. Since then i've gained girth slowly and length has barely moved at all.

            I'm going to start focusing on stretching more though.
            5.7 BPEL 4.5 MEG
            6.15 BPEL 4.875 MEG
            Goal :
            7 BPEL x 5.5 MEG


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              Originally posted by Roadglide View Post

              PS: I have also just purchased the "Stealth for men". It does keep your flaccid penis extended through the day and gives you a bigger feel. Has anyone else tried this product? and do you think it may help in length gains.
              Thanks for any feed back on this

              My understanding is the stealth inner wear is great to reduce turtling and retraction problems. Looking at greeting it myself.

              As for the thread I had an easy .5" gain in the first month or even a few weeks going from 5.5 to 6" but since then hit a very slow wall and it seems hard to gain anything. Adjusted my routine to compensate after 5 months with no real gains from previous routine.

              I shifted to bathmate and hanging and even using an ads to try get some results. (From manual and extenders) If this doesn't work I suspect nothing will. Hanging 7kg up to 9kg(20lb) OTS
              Start (Oct 2015) NBPEL 5.5"
              Current Nov(2016) NBPEL 6.0" BPEL 7.0" EG 5.5"
              Short Term Goal Wifes Cervix(8"?)
              Long Term Goal Deep Spot(9"?)

              New(2017) Bib Hanger log:


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                My first 1/2 inch gain took little over 2 months when i first started seriousely PE. In my signature is stated that i started at 7.28, but i have been doing PE before (not knowing ) so i would say that i started at 7 but i wont change my signature.

                So yeah 2 months for 1/2 inch of lenght and about 10 months (combined) for 1/2 inch girth gain.
                Nov 13 BPEL 7,28 EG: 5,79
                Dec 13 BPEL 7,6 EG 5,79
                Jan 14 BPEL 7,87 EG 5,79
                Aug 15 BPEL 8,18 EG 6,0
                Jan 16 BPEL 8,2 EG 6,18
                Mar 16 BPEL 8,18 EG 6,3
                Mar 16
                BPEL 8,34 EG 6,28

                Jul 16

                BPEL 8.46
                EG 6.38


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                  I gained my first 1/2" rather quickly (I'm an easy gainer). Within 2 months of starting JP90, jelqes (about 250), edging + my URO stretches 5 days a week, then wearing a steel cockring the balance of the day+ sleeping to hold engorgement & cement.


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                    About 5 weeks
                    BPEL: 6
                    EG: 4 1/2

                    BPEL: 6 5/8
                    EG: 4 3/4

                    Goal for 12/31/2015
                    BPEL : 7 1/2
                    EG: 5


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                      2 months with the pump seen the solid first 1/2"..
                      Start: 11/2013: BPEL: 4.73" MEG: 4.5"
                      Best: BPEL: 7" MEG: 5.625"
                      Current:BPEL: 7" MEG: 5.5"


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                        A little over 3 months to gain about half an inch in length. Girth didn't budge, maybe .1 inch in the same time period.
                        01-02-2015 BPEL : 7.25", EG : 5"
                        19-08-2015 BPEL : 7.75", EG : 5.2"
                        Goal : BPEL 7.75", EG 5.75"


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                          In 1 day 1/2 inch. Seriously that was from priapism though but I have the high flow version of it. I may have a big penis but can't get laid.. Apparently I don't have "enough experience " using my tool. The 1/2 inch was both girth and length. . It was triggered by basic PE. Have not done it since .I'm kinda scared it may get triggered if I start having sex. I don't want any more growth since it's all ready to the point where its too big
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                            First half inch was easily in the first 3 months iirc. I remember being up around 0.2" in the first few weeks (when I first started believing this could actually work), and gains kept coming at a rate of around 0.1"/month until I gained close to my first inch.

                            As for what I did -- Just basic stretching really, with some Bathmate thrown in. I think the reason my gains stopped is both due to time spent doing PE and the fact I need to up what I do. Really want to break the 8" barrier so might give things another real go soon.
                            Original/Current Stats:
                            2014-09-01: BPEL 6.8"/NBPEL 6" MEG 5.0", BPFL 5"/NBPFL 4" FG 4.4"
                            2019-03-16: BPEL 8"/NBPEL 6.75" MEG 5.2", BPFL 6.75"/NBPFL 5.5" FG 4.5"

                            Realistic: BPEL 8.5"/NBPEL 7.5" MEG 5.5"
                            Optimistic: BPEL 9"/NBPEL 8" MEG 5.75"
                            Dream: BPEL 10"/NBPEL 9" MEG 6.5"


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                              About 3 months for me too. 9 months for an inch.
                              BPEL: 6.7-8.57" NBPEL: 6.3-8.25"
                              MEG: 5.9-6.5" HeadEG: 5.4-6.25" BEG: 6.25-7"
                              CI:1.5 -2.5
                              Flaccid: 5"x4.75" -> 6.25"x5.375" for +63% volume
                              275ml-435ml in 3 years, 6 months(active 2 years) for +58% volume
                              6.7x5.9 - 8.57x6.5 or bigger than 9/10x49/50 - 2999/3000x1666/1667