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    Hey, this is my first time starting a progress log. Used to hang out at MOS and Thunders, but really like the atmosphere here, and decided to come on over!

    I first started PE in 2004, when I was 21, and quickly gained about an inch in length. Never really focused that much on girth, seeing as I have 6,3" EG naturally. Anyway, gains started to become slower and hard to come by, and I overtrained myself and eventually gave it all up. I've kept my length gains all this time. Measured just as I started: 8,3" BPEL and 6,3" EG.

    Now, I was content with this size, but after reading going411by7's success story, I decided that I wanted to get back into it.

    Also, I my erection quality wasn't as rock hard as before. I have been doing very light stretching and jelqing every day now for five days - and I already feel the difference. I took it real slow, just like 11by7 wrote in his progress report, and I can really feel my penis slowly getting more robust. Yesterday I had to stop several times while jelqing because I kept getting too hard! Used to be, I would have to stop and work at it to get it up.

    Anyway, not taking any new measurements for a couple of weeks, but I've felt significantly more plump and longer already - which may just be my improved erection quality. And seeing my cock hanging lower and thicker after each session is just addictive!
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