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  • D9 Chasing 9

    Here we go.

    Decided I’d make a thread, consistency has been an issue of mine when I’ve attempted PE before.

    Let’s see if this improves accountability.

    Most consistent I have been is probably around 2 weeks - time for a change. I’ve been aware of jelqing and PE for a while, sporadic stints of PE and genetics have provided me with a decent base.

    Chasing 9in.

    Extra details:

    Early 20s, athletic background, African descent.

    Current supplement stack:

    - Multi
    - L Arg & L Cit
    - Gingko
    - Maca Root Extract
    - Vit C, D & Cod Liver Oil

    Going to check measurements but I usually sit at around 7-7.1in at a good EQ.

    Girth is probably my strength but also something I want to improve.

    Time for consistent progress once and for all.
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    Correction to measurements.

    Originally posted by d9crp

    L: 18cm (Just over 7in)
    G: 14cm (5.5in)

    Going to run the JP90 until October. Weekly measurement check ins.
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      Mon 2 Aug Update:

      Took a week off to focus on EQ exercises only.

      - Each day I did on average 20-50 kegels
      - Had about 3 edging sessions
      - Currently seeing a couple of ladies too which kept me busy, although I wanted to dial down my ejaculation to get my gains in faster

      Noticeable Improvements:

      - EQ & Stamina was very strong, had my main girl orgasm a bunch which was good
      - Flaccid hang noticeably looks larger but yet to measure
      - Way more vascular
      - Strong morning wood about 3-4 days of the week
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        Thu 5 Aug:

        Tue & Wed: Completed the JP90 routine, although I don't always count the jelqs.

        Also doing kegels during the day, aiming for around 20-50 still.
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          Going to switch to the Kingpole routine and monitor from there. Will do a size update on Sunday.


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            Tue 10 Aug

            Been doing 1 day on 1 day off on KP's routine.

            Monday' Workout:

            5-10 min warmup
            5-10 min stretches (helicopter shakes, circle stretches)
            20-30 V Jelqs - didn't really count
            20-30 Lambda Jelqs
            25 Min Edge Session

            Definitely felt a lot more of the 'plump' experience. Measured myself flaccid with a tape measure and was on 14cm, 5.5in! Which feels like a PR but I will double check how I measure.

            Going to focus on this routine and will do a size check around the 28th. Hoping to break 19-20cm soon!


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              Thu 19 Aug

              Did the KP routine 3 times last week. Haven't done any this week due to an eager girlfriend lol, but have definitely felt some SERIOUS EQ improvements.

              I am way harder, vascularity is increasing and I feel generally larger. So I'm keen to see where i am end of the month.

              Going to do a session today. Then continue with the 1 day 1 off regime.

              Note - when I am doing the edging part of the routine I retain and don't finish.


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                Originally posted by d9crp View Post
                Correction to measurements.


                L: 18cm (Just over 7in)
                G: 14cm (5.5in)

                Going to run the JP90 until October. Weekly measurement check ins.
                Bit late.

                Measured flaccid length however and seem to have increased to 14.5cm.

                BPFL: 14.5CM
                BPFSL: 15CM (6in)

                Feel like I must've grown in size over August.

                Want to give it 1 more week though before doing a serious BPEL measurement.