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    Trying to keep myself accountable for once

    I've been on and off this forum for a number of years, been a while since I've done any consistent PE.

    In the past I used to do plenty of manual stretching with some good success at the time, probably about 1 year worth all together with some breaks in between.

    I gained about an inch of BPEL from stretching, No girth since I never did any girth work (outside of trying a few things for very short periods of time)

    I really need girth gains for the most part, But considering how good my length gains were with manual stretching, I decided to see how much more gains I can milk out by hanging for a while. In the future when ever the gains seem to slow significantly I'll drop or reduce hanging and put more focus into girth instead at that point.

    Current size:
    BPEL: 6.95"
    MSEG: 4.75"

    I recently got an LG hanger and will be using it on most days, along with some manual girth work every other day (3-4x per week). At some point I may introduce a pump but I'm not too sure yet. I have tried a couple sessions of clamping before and the hardness / expansion is pretty hardcore, But It also kind of scares me and I'm ok with making slower gains with safer methods lol. (manual squeezes and possibly pumping at some point)

    Long term goals:
    BPEL: 7.5"+
    MSEG: 5.25"+

    Last night I did just 1 hanging set for 30 mins with 1.25kg which felt good. I also tried the big al squeeze for about 10 reps which felt surprisingly good. I will update again tonight after my hanging session later.

    If anyone wants to interact, offer advice or ask questions that would be cool, otherwise I'll just do my best to keep my record going here anyway lol.
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    Got in 2x 45 min sessions today with the LG. first set I started at 1.25kg, added another 0.25 about half way through. Then did 1.75kg for my 2nd set which felt pretty intense, but still good


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      Good hanging workout this afternoon. 2x 45 min sets with 2kg it felt very comfortable but still great tension imo. I'm not trying to rush the weight increments. I didn't do my squeezes today since I coomed a couple of times early in the day and just didn't feel like it :S


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        16 reps of big al squeeze this morning and just finished a 45 min hanging session with 2.25kg. I think I may have used too much vacuum pressure because after removing the LG I noticed my shaft and glans were suuuper fat haha. Also got some tiny red dots on the skin. Nothing felt bad at all, the set was comfortable but I may scrap the 2nd set. I'll see how it looks in a couple hours and may do it before bed.

        Still getting used to the LG hanger since I'm brand new to it. The thing is super comfortable there are just a few variables that I need to dial in to know exactly what to do every time I use it.


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          Unfortunately tonight was very frustrating as I just simply couldn't get the hanger to work at all without slipping, losing suction and dragging toward my glans . Even with super low weight. I tried at least 20 times to re attach the hanger. With the girth band, without it, with a piece of a sleeve attached etc. Nothing would work. I guess there is an issue with losing vacuum or something. I'll look into it more tomorrow since I'm tired now.

          did 17 reps of big al squeeze


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            Threw in 20 tension stretches since I gained well from them in the past


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              21 reps tension stretch last night + edging. going to rest today.