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    Hey all! Just started JP90 yesterday with 1 hour of an extender preceding. The plan is do this every morning, but I may miss a day or two.

    My current BPEL is 7", MEG 5.5"

    My 6 month goal is 7.5" BPEL, 5.8 MEG

    My long term goal, which is pretty far fetched, is 8" BPEL, 8" MEG.
    8 inches around is exactly the circumference of my left wrist, and might ruin a good night, but if I get there, I'll be a proud baked potato.

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    Admired my erection, post exercise. It didn't hang while fully erect, so I'm VERY glad I have gotten it back close to a 90 degree angle. Have abstained from porn for over a month, so that is helping. Hope to quit smoking soon. Can't hurt. Have yet to integrate kegels. Any advice on when y'all incorporate them?


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      Day 5 of JP90. Finally got the hang of V jelqs. Felt like the area of Peabody between the glans and circumcision had a donut around it mid way through jelqs. If this area grows disproportionately, it might feel better for a partner, but I think Peabody is very symmetrical and looks good right now.

      Will measure and post NBPEL, BPFL, NBPFL, and FG tomorrow before exercise. I have a huge fat pad, so NBP measurements can only get better.


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        Do Kegels at the start and the end of your routine bro

        Or like JP90 says incorporate them into your stretches


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          Ah, ok. Been doing them randomly, and the few I've done have improved my stream a lot. TBD if it will mean better ejaculations this early.


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            All current measurements as of 9/29/20

            BPEL 7"
            EG 5.5"
            NBPEL 4"
            BPFL 5"
            NBPFL 2"
            FG 4.625"

            Three whole inches of fat pad standing up. Weight loss will most likely do more for my self esteem than PE, but nothing wrong doing both in conjunction.


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              Ejaculations before kegels dribbled out. Tonight, I heard a "pap!" as it landed on my pillow, next to my ear. Hooray, kegels!


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                Day 9 of JP90, and I'm already seeing results in flaccid size. I looked more like a shower, pre-exercise.

                Stretched and measured BPFSL.
                BPFSL 7.5"


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                  Day 12 of JP90

                  Peabody has not been turtling inside my fat fold, even while sitting, like he would just days ago.


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                    Day 21 of JP90

                    The feeling of my orgasms is all but gone. They started to decline about 2 months ago. I thought it might be due to quitting porn, but I also started taking Lunesta around the same time. Only two lifestyle changes, besides PE. The symptoms started well before PE, so that's out.

                    I want to quit ejaculating on my own entirely, to help gains, and because it just brings me shame. Still would like to feel a good O the day I have sex.

                    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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                      Day 29 of JP90

                      Measurements after 29 days, with frequency of pe days around 50% instead of the recommended 71%. Missed a few days. Hopefully can stick to the regimen better the next 61 days.

                      BPFSL 7.625 +.125
                      NBPFL 2.5 + .5
                      BPFL 5.25 +.25
                      FG 4.375 -.25
                      BPEL 7.25 +.25
                      NBPEL 4.5 +.5
                      EG 5.625 +.125

                      I think I should be more than happy seeing a few gains for about 15 total days of PE. Not sure why FG was less, not bothered, because NBPL measurements are amazing!


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                        Day 36 of JP90

                        Took a five day break for studies and work. Going to cheat and make it JP95.


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                          I had feeling from an orgasm for the first time in 3 weeks. So goddamn relieved. Hope that sexual anhedonia was a temporary readjustment from quitting porn.