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For those who are exploring the biochemical pathway...

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  • For those who are exploring the biochemical pathway...

    I came across this page which summarizes the most important precursors of serotonin, a key element in the regulation of the ejaculation reflex, a well known target of SSRIs antidepressants.

    I'm currently weaning myself off a tricyclic antidepressant (Anafranil - active substance: clomipramine) and I'm planning to start one of these supplements as soon as I finish the final 1-2 week(s) phase of taking a pill only every other day, like I did on September 2020, since this method gave me no withdrawal symptoms.

    Based on the good results reported by Spanky, I think I'm going to try SJW first and see if it gives me the benefits of Anafranil (an extension of 5-7 minutes before reaching PONR) without the annoying excessive sweating thing.

    You can read Spanky's account here:

    I hope it does work for me too when I try it.

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    I was unaware of Saint John's Wart. I googled sjw vs ssri and apparently it's s effective as ssris but with fewer side effects, for depression. Not sure with PreE. I also read it's inconclusive whether it works for anxiety. If I wasn't already taking an ssri I would definitely try it. It's basically a flower... so for those who don't want to take drugs, this would be a good thing to try. Wish more people would do that sort of thing.


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      Opium is also from a flower.

      I'm not opining on the use or effectiveness one way or another. Merely pointing out that simply because it's from a flower doesn't mean it's without its risks.