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  • Healthy or Unhealthy?

    My member gos to a state where its raised and stiff after every time I release. So I haven't released in about 3-4 weeks because I've been trying to avoid that symptom hoping that it will fade away. So today I decided to do a little bit of edging without releasing(3 sets).

    Is this good, bad, neutral?

    While I'm on the edging note I'd like to clarify the PONR. I have tried kegeling to hold back the load, but seems impossible.I can hold it for like 3-4 seconds. I dont understand, where the fuck does all of that cum go once you hold it back for ten seconds. It also seems unhealthy, like a good way to injure yourself. I also have just done a kelgel as soon as I see my dick raise up(the seconds before your load cums, and feel your dick kind of have a throb/pulse).Should I do towel raises or something to help my PC strength. Because PONR is pretty clear when to kegel. Point Of No Return!!!

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    You should release at least once a week. A simple google search will tell you that it isn't good for your prostate.

    You can edge all you want if you release at least once or twice a week but 4 weeks dude come on, thats not healthy.


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      Ya bro you need a strong pc muscle to hold back your cum... kegel more to strengthen it, also cum once a week atleast or you could get prostate problems like said before me.