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  • Comments about my routine?


    Iīm not a total newbie. I have been doing some hanging before and gained a little bit. After a break with PE I then started again 3 months ago. Now I use a Size genetics extender 3 hours a day with the VLC tugger modification. I also pump with Bathmate 20 minutes a day and do 100 wet jelqs with a jelq device. I have gained 0.2 inches the last 3 months and 0.2 inches before. So in total 0.4 inches (1 centimetre). How much do you think I can gain with my current routine in a half year?

    I like the fact that I can do other stuff when I use the extender and the fact that the pumping and jelqs donīt take so much time. However I donīt think my gains are so good after all effort I have put into this.

    Will some manual exercises boost the progress? Is it necessary? I have seen guys posting much better gains with only 20 minutes manual exercises a day. However it would be nice if itīs possible to gain a lot with my routine and donīt feel I have to remember 15 different angles and exercises that I manually have to do every day....

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    The amount of gains you get from your extender is the amount of hours you will have to wear. That means the more you wear the more you get. I will be re measuring in 2 weeks and il have about 2 months in at 3 on 2 off( but still extend one hour for max deformation on off days) and on my 3 day on cycleof wearing my extender i wear 8-12 hours a day. I use sweat pants and big sweaters lol


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      True, how much have you gained with the extender?
      Itīs hard to wear it under pants so I just wear it under loose pants at home. Would be interesting to see how much someone using it on average 3 hours a day have gained in a half year or a year. I have seen threads about it before but donīt find it right now.