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Where to start from?... Again.

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  • Where to start from?... Again.

    Hey everyone,

    Long time lurker here! Just wanting some advice regarding my current situation.

    I used to do PE (mainly girth focused) for about 1 year - I took quite a long break (about 18months) and now really want to get back into it.

    Problem is, I am not sure where to start? I was hoping someone could give me some advice on how to go about getting the "dream" dick that Ive always wanted!

    Current starts - Im approx 7x5 - my goal is to be 7x6 or more in girth. Length doesn't really bother me as much - I believe that nothing is more impressive then whipping out a monster thick unit!

    I do also have a slight sideways AND upwards bend. I believe the sideways bend is due to uneven ligaments however the bending happens about an inch down from my glands.

    I have quite a large head on my penis - and so I would like to increase girth of my penis to meet at the edge of glands if that makes sense (as now we have slight mushroom action going on).

    I used to be a member of a site that made girth work seem pointless without a Bathmate (which I have bought). I found that whilst it made my dick impressive if I used it before sex - the gains were so so after the fact. Made my dick feel watery/rubbery (even though I super setted with jelqs in between) and discoloured it like a mofo (most of which has cleared up now)

    So I guess I'm looking for a routine that correct/address the issues I noted and also help me grow as big as possible! Any ideas?

    Appreciate any/all help!

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    welcome man. I bought a bathmate and threw it away it just wasnt for me either. Im happy with the manual routine and air pumping


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      Probably be good to do the JP90 routine for at least 30-60 days to condition your penis to get back into the swing of things. After that, you could look at some more moderate girth excercises like squeezes and Uli's. I am fond of the Big Al Jelq Free routine.


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        It might be a good idea to take it easy while you start again. Don't jump straight into a routine you were doing before.

        Give yourself a chance to condition your penis. If you go to hard in the beginning you might hurt yourself and have a bad time.


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          Good for you going for girth. I was like you, and then my girth shot up. My shaft's circumfrance is now easily as big around as the head. It makes my cock look thick and tough. You'll get there too.

          The secret is to fall in love with jelqs. Dick Whammy recommended using canning tongs for jeqling for $9 online. They rock! They work great for uli's too. Anyone wanting girth needs to invest ten bucks and get one. Other than that, clamping is easy, cheap, and good for girth too.

          The more time and energy you spend on your penis the better the results, if any. Results are not guaranteed. But if you get sore slow down. If you have rock'n EQ, keep going!
          "with great EQ, comes great responsibility"