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    So, I recently measured my self. I always knew I had a decent penis thickness. But it always seemed skinny to me. Well, what you know, I measured my girth (something I never did, even when I was pe'ing a while back ago.) and I'm at 5 1/2" girth. When I was pe'ing, my penis got pretty thick, I have some pictures and it's way thicker than it is now. But my question is, should I start back up with Jp90's program again if I want to work on length? It may be just me, but I feel like it is more for girth? I gain girth thankfully really easy, so it isn't one of my worries. Any help, I would be very thankful and how can I focus on the girth at the base of the penis, it's slimmer down there and I want to balance it out. Thank you in advanced!

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    PJ94, JP90 targets both length and girth. If you primarily want length do various stretching exercises. By the way, your name is exactly opposite to JP90 + 4.


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      Yeahh, I think I'm going to do his, and add some stretches or something! And lol, I just noticed that! Those subliminal codes haha