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  • Starting back up after..

    So, long story short about 6 months into Pe'ing a whileeee back, I caught some weird rash in between my thighs. (Thought it was Jock itch, which for about two months I continued to apply alcohol and this powder, which was just killing and drying my skin, never allowing it to heal.) Almost a year later, I'm finally back and not trying to let anything throw me off anymore. Anyone know what it could have been? Maybe too rough while doing the exercises, or the long runs I used to go for? And where should I start off to get back on track. Much thanks and appreciation.

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    Welcome back... I am not sure what it was but I am sure someone can relate on here. I would restart with manuals to get your dick reconditioned. Many people will restart the JP90 program after they have been away for a while. Good luck!
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      Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and start back with JP90's program, thanks buddy for the help! Also, yes, I hope someone around here had a similar experience, and can help me explain and prevent it from happening to me and anyone else.. only clue I realized, that sometimes after finishing PE for the day, my groins would itch. I also have a feeling that since I did the warm ups with the hot shower water (Which shower water has a bunch of toxins for the body and skin) and having sorta sensitive skin, it just over the months built up or something.