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Muscle Confusion for avoiding plateau's

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  • Muscle Confusion for avoiding plateau's

    Has it ever been tried in Pe before. I only ask cause i am currently doing the P90X and was just wondering. I have also been doing the JP90 for almost 2 months. And have seen gains. But awhile back i bought a extender to use also cause i don't feel as if i get a good stretch manually as i should be able to. But it proved to be much together. So i went back to just doing the JP90 for awhile longer. But i been watching my girth grow faster then my length it seems to me. It's really looking fatter on a daily basis also seems like it's harder to stretch as good now since my unit is always so plumb.
    Brings me to my question i wonder if it would do me any good to switch from jelqing and stretches to my extender for two weeks at a time. Or would two weeks be to long of a time or not enough time in your opinion? Or a complete of my time?

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    The "muscle confusion" principle is generally considered an advanced bodybuilding technique- one in which a trainee seems to know instinctively what their body needs that day for training. This usually comes from having a lot of experience with training and having a good feel as to what works best for you.

    The thing about PE exercises is that different exercises can stress very different aspects of the penis, and some are much more intense than others. Now, if you are an advanced trainee who has done a wide array of different exercises, then something analogous to the muscle confusion principle might be something that you can employ with good effect. If you're not advanced enough for this, you would do better to follow a more structured regimen- one that can give you consistency in the training format so that you can compare "apples to apples" when assessing one workout from the next.
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