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  • Stretching through out day

    Is it advisable to do casually stretching several times a day , basic it's hard to do pe with my busy schedule an so trying to maximize any additional exercises that I can do easily in private throughout the day. The routine for stretches on the following up down left right and straight out stretches each held for 30 seconds I don't warm-up but I do the stretches light to moderate and so far have not had any injuries or any kind of pain and notice a general better hang throughout the day I'm trying achieve erection length increased thank you
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    Sounds good to me; especially the 'light to moderate' part.
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      I agree. Stretching moderately throughout the day is a simple and effective way to get things done.
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        You might consider a a Stealthy All Day System (ADS). That way your receiving the stretch you want but without any special handling. If your doing any heavy hanging then an ADS is a must to prevent losses if you should happen to miss a day or two of your routine.
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