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Third time's a charm

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  • Third time's a charm

    Hey guys

    I completed the JP90 routine a few years ago, made no gains and gave up.

    I tried again last year, started suffering with erectile dysfunction and gave up. About a month after my unit was back to normal.

    This is will be my final attempt. My size has been a huge issue for me since I was a teenager. I really want it to work this time round. I've given up smoking which should help.

    Maybe it's my technique. I jelq at around 70 - 80%. Any more/less and I don't feel any pump. My question is, is it worthwhile experimenting with different erection levels/force?

    Maybe it's the JP90? What alternatives would you suggest? I've tried an extender but it kills my eq.

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    Try less erection level , less force, less time and gradually build up to a full workout. Take at least 2-3 months of slowly building up you conditioning.
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      There's other routines outlined in the thread. I started with the Remek routine but all of them are more or less the same basic starting steps. If you didn't gain the first time and experienced ED the second then I'd say it points directly to overtraining. Go slow and don't force it, stretches and jelqs require much less force than you think. You said you had to use a higher erection level because any less and you didn't feel any pump, you have to realize that the "pump" isn't what you're looking for, PE gains don't come from the "pump" during the routine, gains come from rest days, exercise only prepares your unit for growth. Take it slower, much slower and see what happens. Read all the links in that thread, especially the one about PIs. Read some of the progress logs of those who have had success and see how they started (don't read what they are doing now, take your time and put in your beginner time before stepping up, your unit will thank you by growing).
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        Cheers guys. I'm gonna try a looser grip and lower erection level. I'll let you know how I get on.


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          If you're interested, I'd suggest picking up a Bathmate and incorporating that into your workout. My routine basically consists of a ten minute warm up with a heating pad, 200 wet jelqs followed by a 20 min edging session. Then I put on the Bathmate for 15 minutes and go to bed. It has definitely helped my girth gains.