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    The past week I've been doing a different exercise.

    Essentially the exercise is done at semi-erect levels from 50-75%. Maybe higher if you are well conditioned.

    The exercise is exactly how it sounds. You do a light to medium static stretch and then squeeze at the base lightly. This is kind of like an Uli, but at semi-erect levels. 2 days ago I did a workout doing only this exercise for approximately 15 minutes. My penis responded very well. I had a really good hang the rest of the day and even had a few spontaneous erections.

    I felt similar to a jelq except that you could get more of a length workout in the process. Jelqing has never felt like a good length exercise to me. And regular stretches don't seem to help me a lot because it doesn't target the smooth muscle tissue. With this I feel like I'm getting a good lengthwise stretch of not only my tunica and ligaments, but also my smooth muscle tissue. It just feels like a better when I stretch them simultaneously. When I do flaccid stretches, my EQ always plummets and I have do a lot of edging to try to get my smooth muscle to get that same stretch.

    Today I did a 5 minute workout in the morning and then another 5 minute workout when I got home. Then I measured my BPFSL after the workout and I measured 7.9 BPFSL. Previous high measurement was 7.8 BPFSL. Recently I've been measuring 7.7 BPFSL. Then I decided to do some edging and I got myself up to 7.4 BPEL. My previous high was 7.3 and lately I've been measuring 7.2 BPEL.

    For anyone who is well conditioned I highly recommend giving this a try. It feels really good. You can feel your smooth muscle really get a good stretch with this exercise.

    The other reason I like this exercise is because I feel like you can make it more of a length workout or more of a girth workout depending on how hard you squeeze and how hard you stretch.
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