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I need some advice on my workout (aiming for length)

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  • I need some advice on my workout (aiming for length)

    Hey guys i've been doing Pe for 3 months. And the gains have been fairly decent. At first my penis BPEL was 16,5 cm and now it's 18 cm. Forgot to measure my girth but that's not really what i'm aiming for.

    So i would like to ask you guys some advice on my workout. If it's any good and which other techniques i should use.

    My routine :

    5 min warmup Rice sock

    10 min stretching (30 sec each stretch)

    17 min Jelqing ( 3 sec strokes - I use time instead of counting)

    50 V Jelq - If anyone could send me a video of a proper of how to do a V jelq or explain it to me as best as possible. I would really appreciate that.

    5 min Warmdown Rice sock

    Give me your opions/advice PE masters. I'm aiming for length, if you guys know any techniques that is mainly focused on length, please let me know.

    Thanks ahead, for the reply's guys.

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    I like it. I'd give it the green light.
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      So i should keep on doing this ? No need to add any other techniques?


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        If you are gaining from it, continue to do it. Gains will slow as you progress. This is a natural part of PE regardless of your routine. You'll eventually hit a point where the slightest of gains will take months at a time. Just keep pushing forward and tracking your results. When you can no longer get results for a few consecutive months, change things up.

        My only advice would be to slowly start adding new exercises into your current (working) routine. Look at bundled stretches, A-stretches, V-stretches, extending, hanging, Phallosan and All Day Stretchers. Pick one and slowly add it in and track your progress. Don't go overboard thinking you need to add everything into your current routine - just pick something and give it an honest try for a few months, then decide where to go from there.

        There are a lot of options, so don't let it overwhelm you! Trying different things and tracking your results over long periods of time is the only way to learn what you respond best to. Good luck
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