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Favorite gain Length or girth?

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  • Favorite gain Length or girth?

    Pretty self explanitory, which gains do you get more excited about. I care more length personally but after getting both kinds of gains girth gains excite me more. Suttin about seeing my member thicker and fatter that just does it for me.

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    I care about gains in decibel level of my wife screaming

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      Girth is where it is at for me also.
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        All I really want is girth but If I gain length im not complaining


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          I want length and girth equally, but right now I'm focusing on length.
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            Girth, but a touch length wouldn't hurt.
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              An inch in girth yields much more volume gained than an inch in length. Using a tool like the one on can give you good visual feedback on just how much a difference those fractions of an inch give you in volumetric gains.

              To do it the "hard" way, here's an interesting note on how to measure volume:Measuring Volume

              Measuring Volume

              Some men like to measure their penile volume.

              The penis is most similar in shape to a cylinder; and the way to measure cylindrical volume is length times pi [approximately 3.14] times radius squared [base area times height]. Because it's difficult to obtain an accurate measure of penile radius, you'll have to use a slightly different approach to measuring penile volume.

              Take your average girth measurement (measure your thickest and thinnest points and divide that number by 2). *Then divide that number by 6.28. Now square that number and multiply it by 3.14. Multiply that number by length. The resulting product will give you an approximation of your penile volume.

              *Girth divided by pi roughly equals diameter, and diameter divided by 2 equals radius.
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                I got more excited about girth when it kept growing because that's what my wife really noticed and when I started feeling "OK now I have a big dick"...but now I will be more excited with additional length because I had to really slow down (even though the whole process was/is slow) any more girth gains .
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                  Gimme Girth!
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                    Obviously Girth is hard to come by, and takes alot of patience, and committment. So I am focused on Girth, but in the process have gotten some lenght gains, and those help serve as motivation to stay persistent.


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                      Originally posted by rbi99 View Post
                      Girth is where it is at for me also.
                      At your girth you wanna gain more girth?

                      I would get more excited about girth gains.


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                        Girth for sure. My length is above average and my girth is average or less that's why


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                          Girth is where it is at. If men want their women tighter than girth is the way to go. I am still focused on length, but at this point it is greed. My Meg varies from 5.5 to 5.75 so I do not focus on it.
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                            Length obviously...There are lots of ways to increase girth temporarily, but lenght is a son of a bitch. With girth you are working within your erect length, but for length you need to stretch it past your maximum stretched length to gain...Way harder in my opinion,


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                              Girth and EQ
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