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What will be different in your life when you are hung?

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  • What will be different in your life when you are hung?

    So I see an attitude on this forum from many members that almost seems like they think a big dick will solve all of their problems in life.

    So how do you think your life is going to change if you do achieve a massive penis?

    My personal thoughts on the matter are that a large penis may help in a few small ways, but overall will have no real impact on your life at all. If you can't attract women now you wont be when you have a large penis. If you aren't confident in yourself now you wont be when you have a large penis. If you can't please a woman now, you wont be able to when you have a large penis.

    It can help in giving a confidence boost, it can help in pleasing a woman, but it's just a tool. A rough analogy might be if you had to write a computer program. In one scenario you have to write it in C+ in another you have to write it in Java. Writing it in C+ may make it easier, it may give you an advantage, but if you have no idea how to write programs it isn't going to matter at all. Also if you are a master at writing programs it may be ever so slightly easier to use C+, but you are so adept that it really does not make a difference one way or another.

    That is how a penis works, it may be able to offer a small advantage in a few select areas, but ultimately it comes down to you as a person. If you can't do something now, having a big dick isn't going to enable you to do it.

    Figure out how to succeed in what you want first, then you can work on acquiring better tools to get the job done even better.
    It doesn't matter how nice your hammer and saw are, if you aren't a carpenter your birdhouse is gonna suck.

    So tell me. What is going to change in your life when you get that big dick?

    Sorry if this is a repeat thread, I know there is the what has changed thread, but that is for people looking back, this is for people looking forward.

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    I don't argue as much with my wife and I can tell that she loves the sex more. Other than that, nothing.
    PE is a lot like sex. First you have to find your technique, rotate your routine, and then plan on it taking a while. Then you will find satisfaction.


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      I am a big believer that PE is a healthy, fun and effective way to improve a mans sex life and (to varying extents) his confidence.

      However some members here make out like having a big dick is the cure all for becoming a master in the sack. Ive heard the argument repetitively that if all else is equal, bigger is better.

      In alot of ways this is true but the problem comes when applying a rigid mathematical model to a biological system. What i mean by this is that you will rarely encounter someone with the "full package". Even if you do, the full package isnt the same for everyone and in reality, it doesnt matter.

      Most guys here should do PE but they shouldnt tie their self-worth to it. There is more to attraction, sex and life then a big dick and just like working out, your education etc. you should consider your whole package.

      So to answer your question more confidence in the bedroom


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        I think of it as a fun project. The results are there for life, it only takes a couple years, and time will pass. I would rather have a big dick 2 years from now than not.

        I also see P.E. as a good way to actively become comfortable with myself. Penis, body, naked, everything.

        You right, if the only thing your getting out of PE is size, you're not doing it wrong, you're just wasting your time.


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          Dude, it's making your shlong bigger!!!!!!!
          Just do it just to do it!!!!!
          Do it for all the guys in the pre-PE age dealing with whatever they were given.

          No but seriously, I like watching it climb up the's awesome.
          It's like getting muscular.
          I was muscular many years ago and looked very appealing, then I lost it and haven't been like that since. I don't really have a desire to do it anymore. I'm happy that I was there at one point of time.

          To me it's like scaling a mountain.. I don't need to do it all the time. Just once to know I completed it.

          Actually I'm at the point that if I quit, I may never forgive myself for not reaching my goal, now that I believe it's truly possible and have been watching my ruler shrink in comparison. Lol

          Notice everything I mentioned ^ above doesn't say anything about sex..

          It's like a personal goal. I don't want to let myself down.
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            oh thing is bulging
            as a kid I didnt really like the attention and comments
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              I think that unless your unit is extremely small (small based on averages not self perception), a friendly smile, a pleasant personality, caring and concerned for others, being dependable and hard working, etc., absolutely blows the hell out of anything to do with your penis when it comes to personal interaction with others.
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                I know that I'm being my best as well as doing what I feel is the right choice for me. This is not solving any problems for me,,,,but it DOES enhance my life as it exists now. I'm fortunate to have all my body parts as well as enhance them a bit too. It's like lifting weights, You can be happy with your results or you can be a "show-off". It's a choice like anything else. AND someone will Love me for what I am and who I am,,,,that's a given. ;-)
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                  I will enjoy sex without thinking about my size all the time.


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                    I will say to myself, "Dang, I got an 8 inch cock." That is all that would change.


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                      Originally posted by wish-4-8 View Post
                      I will say to myself, "Dang, I got an 8 inch cock." That is all that would change.
                      For me that is all that did happen. Your brain just switches to obsessing about the next thing.

                      Unless you are one of these grounded wholesome types.
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                        I enjoy playing with myself more. I don't think my gf enjoys sex any more than she did before PE due to my size, but I have become more in-tune with my orgasms so I always ask her if she wants me to bust or I just wreck her until it's obvious that she wants it. I also enjoy people noticing my bulge, especially if the reaction is eyes widening. I also straightened my curve a good deal and that makes a difference in sex in that I can more evenly distribute pressure along the walls of a vagina. I am now confident that my penis is shockingly huge, pretty much what I wanted but I will still probably go for more because I will have my penis for life and I like doing PE - it feels good.
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                          Its fun, feels good, and its healthy. And if you get caught, you just say you're exercising.
                          God gave us a penis and a brain, but not enough blood to use both at the same time.
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                            MY reaction will just be, finally i can buy and use the xl penis pump.
                            I am doing PE for myself.
                            MY log:


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                              Well, I believe OP is right, it does not totally affect a mans life. Except if you have big mental issues and have a really small penis also, it can destroy a man. But I do think, in the long run, it has nothing to do with the size its all in that mans head. Sadly the big factor here is the porn industry, which is damaging many men out there, as the use of porn increases the problem persists and grows. Many young men watch porn and this will really damage their minds. Most women don't care if you have a small dick, truly when it comes to LOVE. The women who mention it, have porn brain damage as well and they do not love you for real, and the sex is more important than the attributes of that man. How can you love someone unconditionally and leave him/her for their genitals? It does not make sense. Sex is very important in a relationship of course, its part of our nature and we need it to feel good. Women that love only big dicks must be obsessed with sex and its going down hill. Sex have become a very big part of many peoples lives, and negatively, they think its what life is all about!! Wrong!

                              "A bigger penis is better for sex in a relationship, and it sure turns women on EXTRA. No doubts about that. But it doesn't mean
                              she will truly love you more."

                              If a relationship is based on SEX, problems will sooner or later appear. That is one big rule most women have,
                              they do not have sex in the first place, because they would like to get to know the person before this happens. I believe its the same for most men.
                              If we meet someone we really really like, sex is the last thing we think about.

                              Also, sex happens a few times every week (for about 1 hour), the rest will be time to get to know the other person. Sex is NOT what relationship is all about.

                              So, PE is only for yourself and should stay that way. Don't do it for anyone else.

                              To answer the OP question...

                              I do PE because it feels good, is an amazing thing(that I really cant believe some times), better masturbation sessions, it feels better(more friction) inside a woman, she probably gets more aroused, a nice little project, I feel more like a man (in a sexual way). Its all about SEX. And SEX only.

                              It will never make you more confident or conquer your fears in life. Period.
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