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Married in a years time.

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  • Married in a years time.

    Hey guys, bit of a weird I'm probably going to be getting married in a year or year and a half. My wife to be an i are both virgins. No particular reason - she wants to wait and i havent forced the issue probably due to my own insecurities.
    I've just completed JPs90 day routine and i have gained a bit current stats at 6 BPEL and 4.75EG.

    Getting to the point just wanted to know what plan of action would any of you have considering a wedding in a years time. Like what would you be doing. Lol, i guess simple answer would just be to continue PE'ing. i guess just wanted some feedback - maybe other members have been in similar positions.

    I plan on continuing to PE - she doesnt seem to think i'm small but i really want to increase my size badly. Also going to work on stamina (so weird considering i havent had sex yet, but want to be the best i can be). Want to improve my EQ as well seems to be decreasing a bit.

    Sorry if this is a pointless thread guys

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    if I were you I would just make sure I had great eq, stamina, etc, etc.


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      I'm with wannahung here, your size is more than fine, PE is not a necessity in any case, but go ahead if you want to, anyway it will give you better penile health (EQ) if done properly

      Drop the anxiety, and let yourself (and her) enjoy, you can get bigger, but the approach is important.

      Best of luck.
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        Yep, agree with the guys. Us ladies want a working, hard penis. Don't stress yourself out too much and you two just enjoy And congrats on the future wedding.
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        If you want respect, give respect.
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          OK, there you heard it! It's unanimous! Great EQ is the money.

          FYI, sex takes practice - lots of it! This is where I normally say y'all better start having lots of sex. But you and your fiance are just too perfect and adorable. I mean both staying virgins until married is what fairy tales are made of. So stick with it. I also understand your anxiety about the "first time". Totally normal. It's also totally normal if it sucks the first time. Mine did. Back to you ... try your hardest not to have any expectations the first time. Take a breath and relax. Don't act like you are only going to have sex once in your life.

          There is a more pressing question: So why are you getting softer? Are you watching porn? That would explain it. It will also give you your answer and with a little discipline - a cure. Over training can do it, but after the jp90 your dick should be conditioned and hard as a rock. That's how it worked for me. Maybe it's a death grip problem. There are a dozen reasons for loss of hardness, but being young and having trouble staying hard when you jerk off, well let's just say you better figure that out.
          "with great EQ, comes great responsibility"


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            I commend you and your future bride for your undying dedication to each other and your commitment to keep this sacred experience within the special bond of your marriage. In essence you are saying that sex with you is so special that only your dearest love is worthy of the experience. It says a lot about your self-worth and how you value her. It is a credit to you, her, and your marriage.

            The cool thing about your wedding night will be that:

            1. She will be as nervous as you. Perhaps not as excited because she will have heard how it can hurt (or worse) for her first time. Take your time with foreplay. You have all night.
            2. Neither of you have any real background with the activity. Tackle it with gusto, enthusiasm, compassion, and most importantly HUMOR.
            3. Almost all of the things that society says "good girls" don't do, your good girl can now do. You will need to be mindful that the mental and emotional transition may not be an easy one for her to negotiate.

            Don't worry about early ejaculation. I will most likely happen. If she's ok, keep going. Your refractory period should be pretty short (i.e. milliseconds). I recommend a hotel room with two beds. One for uninhibited play, one for recovery.

            I recommend you dial back on masturbation for the weeks or months prior. Your callused hand is not at all like the real thing. Prepare to enjoy the real thing.

            I also recommend you begin reading together books designed to strengthen your marriage. If you value it, you should learn all you can about making it better. I would also recommend a book on sex positions. It will give you two something fun to read and do on your honeymoon.

            Last of all, be confident in the knowledge that you are walking hand-in-hand into an unknown world of mutual bliss with the woman of your dreams. Be there for her needs and trust that she will be there for yours.


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              How long have you been dating?
              Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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                Ummm sorry ,my view is that waiting this long is not only weird, but denotes underlying issues.


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                  @Peg- Underlying issues like a sense of sexual morality? I think it's old-fashioned, but not weird. Some people are happier suppressing their sexual urges. Don't ask me why, but it seems to work for a few. Also, if you have to start with ummm sorry, you probably shouldn't say whatever you have to say.

                  However, you are probably right in this case. The OP admits it is weird, he has insecurities, and there is no particular reason for his GF to put off sex. So, in this case, these issues are harmful to the relationship, the OP and his GF.

                  If you're thinking about getting married and penis size is your biggest worry... Don't do it!

                  If you get married and find out you don't enjoy sex together... good luck with the divorce!
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                    I think it's simply awesome that you two are waiting for eachother. It's very rare these days, and some would even say it is unrealistic - but there you are doing it. I commend you guys for your dedication

                    As far as size, you're just fine. A light PE routine can help you maintain tip top shape, and probably add some size as well. Just take it easy and have some fun with it while you are waiting for the big day.
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                      Thanks guys will definitely work on my EQ, the reason its not great is becauses i had TMS (masturbated prone). another weird issue that mosty dont find themselves experiencing but somehow i find myself in this situation. I'm trying to masturbate normally now, i think this is main reason for lower eq.

                      We've been dating for close to a year but have known each other for a long time. When it comes to the whole waitng - i can see where concerns lie. I wouldnt say its a moral thing, i feel if i did push it some more it would happen as we are very open sexually even though we havent had sex if that makes any sense.

                      Are the issues in our relationship that i should think about? maybe. I would say that the main reasons we're waiting probably are a lot less noble or even very silly. I obviously have self esteem issues and she has a pre concieved notion of what her first time should be like. She currently stays at home - for some reason she'd like to be living in her own home when she does have regular sex. I could be making excuses and we could have some underlying problems but i think thats not the case. I'm very happy in our relationship and though she is a virgin she is a very sexual person - i hope this does not change once we start having

                      Another thing is we are fairly old, we have been virgins for so long, why not just wait a bit longer.

                      I hope this reply hasnt been to I started this thread just to talk a bit i think. Thanks for all the feedback


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                        I got married when I was 29. Never had penetration with my wife until the wedding night. I did attempt it on several occasions all of which resulted in either performance anxiety or distractions (too drunk). However, I did have sex once with another girl. My wife said she had sex with someone else also.

                        In planning for my wedding night, I refrained from masturbation during the prior week and refrained from drinking during my wedding. On my wedding night, I enjoyed my hardest erection ever and followed the first orgasm with a second orgasm twenty minutes later. Of course missionary position because we didn't know any other way.
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                          performance anxiety is a biggie. we're very open and look at everything with humour. we always talk about how terrible we going to be at it - but deep down inside i still feel the pressure.


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                            Originally posted by billows View Post
                            performance anxiety is a biggie. we're very open and look at everything with humour. we always talk about how terrible we going to be at it - but deep down inside i still feel the pressure.
                            That's great..your outlook and humor with everything. But that pressure, she feels it too, so, however you can, take some comfort in that. I think it's amazing that you two are waiting, I just happened to not make it to my wedding night before doing the deed, but oh well However your first experience goes, it'll be one you two share together and I commend you on that achievement.
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                            If you want love, give love.
                            If you want honesty, give honesty.
                            If you want respect, give respect.
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                              Originally posted by billows View Post
                              performance anxiety is a biggie. we're very open and look at everything with humour. we always talk about how terrible we going to be at it - but deep down inside i still feel the pressure.
                              This pressure you're talking about, can you define it? Is it the pressure to:

                              - perform
                              - be good
                              - last long
                              - ???

                              Let's face the truth. On your wedding night you will be her worst, the smallest, the quickest, etc.

                              But because she's a virgin you will also be her best, the biggest, the longest, etc. It's all relative; and with you both being virgins, it is a WIN, WIN.

                              Let me help frame the night for you: Imagine all the romantic love scenes in all the movies she's made you watch instead of the action movies you wanted to watch. You know; low lights, candles (perhaps), rose pedals, long passionate kissing followed by the passionate throes of ultimate sex ... Your wedding night will be nothing like that (1,000,000,000:1 against). Take those images and throw them away!

                              That's cool. I'll bet you didn't win the Tour de France the first time you jumped on you bicycle. Why worry about doing the same thing with sex? Just take your time and enjoy the discovery!

                              If afterwards you both agree it wasn't quite like you expected, you could get lucky where you'll both agree to try and try again until it meets your expectations.