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Some questions for being sure Im doing good

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  • Some questions for being sure Im doing good

    At first Im sorry about my English I didn't like this lesson on school so ..
    Im new here so all that ״Concepts״
    Are a lil strange for me , I see my results as I cheak girth -down middle and head , and length 90degress
    So my questions is:
    1.Because Im serving in the army my day isnt controlled by me so, I focused on stretching while im pooping as a habit lol. about 1-3 times a day 5 min each time - my question is - if it's good to stretch every day how you call it ADS , and how often should I jelq,kegel too for let my body heal himself
    2. I didn't really got the point on warming. Sometimes Im jelqing at bathroom so I cant warm it with hot water, but my second place is at the shower so it feel better with hot water while stretchin n jelqin should I do that warm up / down every time - I mean hot water before and after ? If ye, how much time :/??
    3. I did 90day routine Im about 4 month in business and Im doing what exercise I feel at the moment usually its UJ's and UV's n sometimes some erect ones , I see results
    but what can I do for grow up girth Im feeling stuck at this category ..

    Mmm for ending I wanna share with you my membership and. my Kegeling success I just got a gf and I suprised myself that after 4months kegeling at my long traveling train's n bus'es
    While my armmy serv I can squeeze it about 2mins and some .. annd one time I did 500 reps at once from boring ride lol , and while our first sex I couldnt imagine that I will controll my pc muscle that ggood so I finish when I want to it happened after 1hr , she had really fun hour .

    Keep erectile dysfunction

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    Work on EQ and text editing.
    BPEL: 6.7-8.57" NBPEL: 6.3-8.25"
    MEG: 5.9-6.5" HeadEG: 5.4-6.25" BEG: 6.25-7"
    CI:1.5 -2.5
    Flaccid: 5"x4.75" -> 6.25"x5.375" for +63% volume
    275ml-435ml in 3 years, 6 months(active 2 years) for +58% volume
    6.7x5.9 - 8.57x6.5 or bigger than 9/10x49/50 - 2999/3000x1666/1667


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      What exercise eorks on EQ?