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How to safely increase girth (no clamping)

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  • How to safely increase girth (no clamping)


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      Read up on the threads and use the handy dandy search bar you've got there, then ask questions if you haven't gotten the answers you were looking for.
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        Best way to search this site is to use google, put in "girth exercises" and add "pegym" at the end of the search.
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          I have re-started my program and just kept it simple.

          I did a 20-min warm-up
          200 slow jelqs (10 seconds each)
          6 min warm down

          50 kegels
          20 mins edging with a couple of uli's when just reaching orgasm.

          After a long break I LOST girth. Am now down from about 5.1 to 4.75 but I've been stressed and poor dieting with little exercise of late. Time to change again.
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            Check out Looking4More's routine.


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              You have 20 posts and 12 of them are for starting threads. As mentioned above stop being lazy and do a little reading around here, so far I dont think you will gain unless someone is willing to do your exercises for you.
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