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Success with rest days

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  • Success with rest days

    so I've been reading a couple success stories and ,it seems like after rest weeks people make gains

    should I be taking more than 2 days off a week?

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    Give it a try. Whatever works for you. Everyone is different
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      I might be wrong, but after months of PE the strain adds up and you're body needs more recovery time.

      If you take a week or two off and your penis heals even fully, there's no reason why you shouldn't gain. At least, that's what I think.

      In my opinion taking more than two days a week off is irreverent. Knowing your body and how it responds to what is a better plan. Depending on how "tired" you are, you should take a day off or not.

      Good luck!


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        Two days a week sounds like a 5/2 & a 2/1. More would be 1/1. Guys do all of these. I think longer than two days would be only beneficial for; overtraining and if you have been going for several weeks.

        Some people don't take rest days at all. It's really probably dependent on how intense was the routine. Listen to your body.

        ...but more than 2 days a week would be beneficial for recovery and health, though it would probably slow gains...IMO.
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