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  • Blood?

    Today when I was jelqing I noticed there was some blood on my hands and a few droplets on the floor. Freaked me out a little bit but I think it may have come from the accumulation of blood under the skin from those red bumps that people commonly get after jelqing. The skin around the bruised area kinda burns a bit. I guess it seeped out of the skin when I applied pressure to it?

    Has anyone ever had this? I'm still pretty shaken up by the situation :|.

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    I had the same. Got it after too long break from jelqing and jumping immediately to intense jelqs. Some small vessel has burst. I just stopped, waited one day and continued jelqing but with lower intensity.

    Red bumps after jelqing are not so common as you might think. They are not regarded as bad but might indicate too hard grip.
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