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My opinions after 3 month of p.e

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  • My opinions after 3 month of p.e

    i started with simple jelqs and kegels(one day on one day off) i had sensible increase in girth, but after a month i look for something harder. I bought a bathmate , i started with 15 min medium pressure, i was very surprised by the impressive enlargment in girth, unfurtunatly gains disappeared after about six hours; so i did 15 min of bathmate 4 time a week. But i was looking for something long lasting and more effective so i looked in the web for a routine with bathmate(5-10 minutes bathmate and 5 minutes jelq sets)x3 i was very excited by the gains ,i felt the tunica really expanded, i fall in love of this workout, so i overdone, i overworked i did it every day and sex the night with my girlfriend...after some week i had a total discolorated dick...i used arnica and cold-warm water , i search in the web and i understood the importance of cool up and cool down and rest days, now i m not scared to take more than 2 days off a week , i have to feel what my dick feels...i also learned that big pressure with pump could be not more effective in cement gains than medium pressure; infact hig pressure create a big pumping only due to fluid retention , medium expand the tunica( also working with sets and pauses avoid the retention)...I m sure that stretching could help for gain girth because make the tissue more elastic , so i bought an extender and i wear it 3-4 hours 5 time a week before pumping-jelq sessions 4 time a week...i still have a little discoloration but i m sure that with heat and cold, arnica,and less intense pumping, it will totaly go away...In this three month i have learned alot and i m sure i still have to learn , in a future i will try clamping and hanging...but now i enjoy this new world and his treasures
    p.s i forgot that also masturbation after exercise can led to overwork
    Start : 1 year ago, 6.5x4.5
    Working on : Today, 7x5
    Dream: 8x6

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    Sounds like you're getting the grasp of it very well

    Most people go overboard when they are new to pumping, causing discoloration and heavy fluid retention. After the impressiveness of the huge temporary girth wears off, you begin to realize that for sustained results pumping at low-medium pressures work the best.

    Good luck as you continue to move forward
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