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  • Experienced, but many questions.....

    Hi. I'm new to this site, but seems like a good site to share thoughts and experiences. I'm an average size guy in good health with an average size penis (just under six inches erect). I used to pump a decade ago but gave up because it didn't seem to be working. Within the past two months, I've taken it up again hoping that maybe this time it'll be different. I have a 9.5" length by 2" diameter tube, and can pump my penis to almost fill the whole tube after an hour or two of good pumping. Problem is, my penis always reverts to its normal/regular size within a day or so afterwards. It will be for hours like a massive heavy sausage, and I love the feeling. I just have a hard time believing that this is leading to permanent gains. Having been a bodybuilder, I understand the concept of resting for muscular recovery and growth; however for the penis, which is more skin and soft tissue, everything I've read is that it is more important to have constant pressure pulling outward to lead to cellular growth. Thus, I've felt it would be better to pump more often and try to keep the penis pumped as large as possible for as long as possible. My penis has turned a mild purple color, but not bad, and no capillary bursts or anything unsightly. I guess I'm really wondering for those that state they really feel they've had permanent results, what weekly schedule did you follow? Do you pump daily and try to keep it inflated as much as possible? This is addictive and sometimes my penis starts getting erect just thinking about sliding into the tube. However, I cannot imaging being able to cum from it. It is not a feeling for me at least that could lead to that; but an activity that makes me feel good about my penis getting so plump! Thanks for any input. JTS

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    from what I have learned so far pumping is to be used in addition to other exercises. to augment, if you will. Pumping alone nets next to nothing as you have already confirmed. the huge expansion that you described is probably edema and should be avoided. Others here are far more knowledgeable on that subject than I and I'm sure the will chime in.