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20 minutes stretching, no jelqing for length gains?

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  • 20 minutes stretching, no jelqing for length gains?

    Hi guys,

    The only thing about my size than at I'm unsatisfied about is my length. I'm 6.5 inches BPEL, and I'd like another inch.

    My plan of attack is to go with manual streching 7 days a week.

    After I take a hot shower, I would do the following:

    A-stretch 30 seconds X 20 reps
    Mandingo stretch 1 minute X 10 reps

    and that's it!

    So, can this get me some length if I'm consistent for the long term??

    I chose those 2 stretches to keep it simple and because those are the ones that I REALLY feel something.

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    I cut out jelqs and it seems to be working for me.
    start: aug 1 2013
    bpel: 6.9..7.1..7.2..8.5
    Nbpel: 6..6.2..6.4..8
    Mseg: 5..5..6.5
    Flaccid: 4..4.

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      Have you done any beginners PE routines?
      If you haven't,you are headed down the road called injury!
      This is my opinion take it or leave it,your choice.
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        Y'all, length gets all the glory, but it's girth that gets the job done. Don't skip out on your jelqs!
        "with great EQ, comes great responsibility"


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          My goals are different, though. I'm completely satisfied with my girth.

          As for beginner routines, let's say for the sake of the question that the stretching routine I described was done after a beginner routine was completed. Could manual stretching alone get significant length gains over time?


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            Yes.There are alot of people who pe that get gains from manual stretching.I think I have gained like .4 of a in so far.You should really do a beginners routine tho.I didn't think I needed it and I did it anyway and now that I am doing girth work I'm glad I did.Plus my erection quality is alot better and before the jp 90 routine I didn't even know I had that issue.
            Before 6.5 bpel 6.0 nbpel 4.9 meg
            NOW 7.5 bpel 6.5 nbpel 5.6 meg
            Goal 8.5 bpel 7.0 nbpel 6.0 meg maybe


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              I wont argue with everyone who says try a beginners routine but I didnt ever do one. If I was starting again id do jp90 for sure just to condition my penis first.
              Wanna be bigger than big