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How Would You Change The Look Of Your Penis?

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  • How Would You Change The Look Of Your Penis?

    I would lighten the skin tone, straighten the curve and enlarge the vein running down the side. Also I want a little more length to make the glans look more proportional.
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    Started: 7 x 5
    Current: 8 inches x 6.25 inches (whole shaft)
    Goal 8.5 x 6.5


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    Get rid of the bunched out skin in the back-side of the dick that I got after circumcision...And of course, enlarge it by 2" EL, 1.3 EG", permanently remove shaft/pubic hair, and a bit lighter
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      I would straiten the curve, make all the veins bigger and re-install the skin that was stollen from the tip! 1" BIGGER LENGTH & GIRTH
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        Longer by ~1" and maybe a bit bigger in the glans. I would also remove the hair on the shaft.

        I have fixed my slight leftward curve and angle, that made it look longer as well.
        BPEL: 6.7-8.57" NBPEL: 6.3-8.25"
        MEG: 5.9-6.5" HeadEG: 5.4-6.25" BEG: 6.25-7"
        CI:1.5 -2.5
        Flaccid: 5"x4.75" -> 6.25"x5.375" for +63% volume
        275ml-435ml in 3 years, 6 months(active 2 years) for +58% volume
        6.7x5.9 - 8.57x6.5 or bigger than 9/10x49/50 - 2999/3000x1666/1667