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Head squeezes for girth?

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  • Head squeezes for girth?

    After I did the jp 90 I looked at ulis for girth and I kinda modified it. I would do a 30 sec uli with no lube then after the thirty second I would keep the base hold and squeeze the head lightly every 2 sec and I would do about 30 reps. The girth expansion was crazy! and I even saw that It stayed like that for a little bit but I found that it kind of went away after about 1 week or so. I wonder if I should be incorporating jelqing after the hold that way it will keep the girth? Idk have you guys ever done this exercise?

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    First, If your gains havent stopped, don't change your routine.

    Second, Squeezing the glans directly is not safe as it is very sensitive, with loads of nerve endings that you don't wanna mess with if necessary squeeze about half an inch below the head.

    As for the ULIs, I suggest you ease in into every new exercise and every addition to your routine, sort of a mini conditioning phase for that particular addition like doing ulis for 30 secs then work your way up to a minute (no more) then when you stop gaining from that, introduce another grip (below the head) also start with shorter intervals and gradually increase them and so on.

    Girth work is the most intensive and tiring for your penis and requires great caution, don't rush it and be patient.
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      Don't squeeze or grip the glans, go right below it. I grew my glans girth a good deal with head-expanding squeezes but I would never touch the glans directly unless going for stimulation when ballooning.
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