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how long does it take for gains to become permanent?

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  • how long does it take for gains to become permanent?

    How long do you have to cement for, for your gained size to stay with you without any keep up? cause I might join the military in a year or 2 or 3 idk, but im motivated to do PE right now..I want to get up to a certain point, do cementing, then long hypatheticaly would that take?

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    Read this CrazyS, I think it will help.

    Cementing Your Gains: Make your PE Gains Permanent

    Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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      Everyone is different though, for instance when I took a good few months off I gained size. Then the second time around stopping I lost size, which was actually what I wanted because my length had become too much for my girlfriend.

      However don't let PE get in the way of doing other things in your life, especially important ones. PE will always be there and can be done at any age, you can always come back to it and any gains you have already had will come back much quicker than normal growth when you restart PE.
      I'm back!


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        The longer you PE, the more permanent gains will become.

        For example, if you were to gain 1/2" in 3 months then just stop, you'll likely lose most if not all of the gains. A year down the road, you'll probably retain a majority of the gains. Several years down the road and you'll likely lose very little.
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