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Turn a "Grower" into a "Shower"?

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  • Turn a "Grower" into a "Shower"?

    Hi everybody,

    I'm new here, but I'm not 100% sure if I'm a grower or shower, or if there is anything between, I'd say I'm a relatively large grower, especially in thickness. When my libido is high though, I notice, my penis being "extra" large in length and thickness and especially when flaccid compared to its flaccid size at low libido. I can also notice, that when libido is high, and I rubb it for a longer time, the spongy body sort of bulges to the sides, when flaccid and hard. It almost looks deformed in a good way. I'm 20cm (7.8in) long and 19.5cm (7.68in) around. So this extra thickness, especially at the head and the first 2 inches of the shaft coming from the head, makes it look and feel even thicker and also heavyer than normal. Unfortunately this effect lasts for only a day or so. And it only works, when my penis is already a lot thicker because libido is at its peak.

    So here are my questions:

    1. Does any of you experience the same relation between libido and penis size and "weight"?
    2. Anyone ever experienced this sort of (comfortable feeling) swelling that stays for a day or so?
    3. I recently read about the difference of a grower and a shower. The article basically said, that some penis muscle fibers of a grower, are constantly flexed or tense, while the ones of a shower are rather relaxed. This effects, that bloodflow for a flaccid shower is higher, and makes the penis look bigger. While the stronger or more tense penis muscles of a grower prevent bloodflow when flaccid. Is that true? And if so, are my penis muscles more relaxed when libido or sexdrive is high? And if still true, is there a way, to constantly keep your libido up and herewith the size of penis? Or is there a lotion or anything, that helps relax those muscles, increasing the bloodflow when flaccid and turn a grower into a shower?

    I'm not unhappy with the size of my penis, especially the thickness, but it still feels much more comfortable in the days where libido is high.

    Many thanks for your replies in advance and warm regards.

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    Weight? Sorry I can't relate cuz my penis only weighs 1/4 of yours.


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      If you have a 7.7 girth than you are truly a freak of nature.
      That is absolutely insane. You are Shorty Mac status right there.
      Are you sure you are measuring correctly?


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        Yeah seriously 7.7 girth? That's pretty darn big if you ask me..
        Are you measuring incorrectly sir?
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        his mother was a mudder..


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          The "normal" course of gains is usually: improvements in EQ- followed by "flaccid" gains- followed by "erect" gains.

          Interestingly enough, training specifically for flaccid gains may not be as conducive to erect gains. An example of this is when you use pumps or when you do "mini-sessions" in order to keep the penis "pumped" throughout the day. Training in this manner isn't usually done long term, either- though it would befascinating to see the result of several cycles straight of this type of training and its result on erect size, EQ, etc.
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            should get your wang tattoo as a coke cola can :P that is some insane girth
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