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girth stuck help!!!!!!!

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  • girth stuck help!!!!!!!

    okay so i have been doing pe on and off for about 6 months.

    ive done the jp90 program

    now this is my program

    1. warm up 5 mins
    3.50 standard jelqs
    4.30 sec erect squeeze
    5.30 sec uli squeeze
    6. 10 horse squeezes
    7.100 jelqs.....grab base and hold tight with full erect keep that grip the whole time and with the other hand jelq towards the gland.
    8.repeat 4,5,6
    9.repeat 7
    10.repeat 4,5,6
    11.warm down

    I started with a length of 7.2 which im happy with. I started with a 4.7 inch girth. My girth now ranges from 4.8-5 inches.

    how can i increase my girth more please help
    think my cs is underdeveloped as im quite wide but my cs doesn't bulge out so i have a more oval shaped penis rather than cylindrical. But my penis does have a slight downward curve so that might be why it doesnt bulge out

    please help thanks

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    Get a pump dude. I recommend vacutech elliptical thickwall.


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      dont really want a pump or clamp


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        Jelqing at 50-90% erection (not higher), Ulis, squeezes, pumping, claming.


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          Squeezes in between Jelqs. I do 200-300 Jelqs and 10 second squeezes after every 20 Jelqs. I've been doing this for 3 months and I'm definitely looking beefier!!
          START - BPEL 7.25 EG 5.25 (MIDSHAFT)
          NOW - BPEL 9.00 EG 5.50 (MIDSHAFT)
          GOAL - BPEL 9.25 EG 6.0 (WHOLESHAFT)

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