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  • Real/legit penis gains

    I have heard of the results you get from using the bathmate and nowhere have I found any criticism. Is the bathmate a scam?

    I am also aware of the extension device (can't think of the name at the moment) that you have to wear on your member for days at a time. That is a little extreme.

    I'm also aware of the many different pills and supplements that are out there that are mostly just scams.

    I've heard of liquid arginine formula to increase the nitric oxide in your body which is good for your blood flow and circulatory system which could induce a bigger member.

    Somebody tell me of a regimen and/or product/supplement that can lead to serious/legit gains.

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    All the information is here. All you have to do is read it and then judge for yourself.
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      You could read around the forum yourself, you might try starting with the sticky threads.

      Plenty of legit manual routines and devices.

      EDIT: Beat me by a second CUSP!
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