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  • stretching question

    when u stretch does your penis have to be past the point of your current erection size to get length gains??..cause for me it hurts when I try to go past the limit of my erection on stretches and I dont want to injure myself..should I warm up more with hot water to make it more elastic? thanks for the help

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    Def warm up with warm/hot water, I do for 10-12 min and after my dick is very elastic like and perfect for stretching, and PE is not suppose to hurt, so if ur pushing it to far to where ur in pain while stretching your risking injury. Anytime I ever feel a little pain I stop and readjust pressure, grip etc so it doesn't hurt


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      Warm up always helps to increase elasticity and the stretch ability. Some guys' flaccid stretched length is less than EL so you should try to reach your max flaccid stretched length. In my opinion (I am by no means an expert) as long as iyou remain significantly beyond your normal flaccid length for a some decent time, even if it is not past your FSL, you will achieve gains.
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