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  • First official day

    Got my rice sock that boa recommended for me and I am starting today well I already have for a bit

    what should I be looking for

    I mean I have been doing this PE thing for about a week but I have never warmed up

    I notice when I stretch without warming up I feel a stretch but this time after warming up it feels more effective idk how to explain it

    kinda like when you stretch your legs and you feel all relaxed during and afterward...

    not sure if that's what I am supposed to be feeling but all I know is it feels better than a cold stretch where it feels like I am just pulling on my dick this actually feels like it's doing something is what I am saying...

    How long should I be stretching for such as time? Is the intensity of the stretch matter such as how hard I pull and what not? More importantly does stretching more intensely cause more gains I know that your supposed to up the intensity but I don't know if you can do that from the begining or if you have to wait, and if so why wait???
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    Those are questions that you must answer for yourself as you learn to be familiar with your equipment. All we can advise is to err on the side of caution, don't hurt yourself trying to get a bigger unit. If it doesn't feel good, don't do it. If it hurts, stop IMMEDIATELY.
    BPEL: 6.7-8.57" NBPEL: 6.3-8.25"
    MEG: 5.9-6.5" HeadEG: 5.4-6.25" BEG: 6.25-7"
    CI:1.5 -2.5
    Flaccid: 5"x4.75" -> 6.25"x5.375" for +63% volume
    275ml-435ml in 3 years, 6 months(active 2 years) for +58% volume
    6.7x5.9 - 8.57x6.5 or bigger than 9/10x49/50 - 2999/3000x1666/1667