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Should I avoid jelqing the Deep Dorsal Vein?

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  • Should I avoid jelqing the Deep Dorsal Vein?

    My thinking is that by increasing the pressure inside the deep dorsal vein through jelqing or clamping, over time this could result in an increase of blood flow within the vein due to the expansion. Could this affect your ability to maintain a hard erection, as the blood within the penis would be able to escape through the vein quicker?

    The deep dorsal vein presses up against the tunica when the penis is erect, causing the vein to close slightly to restrict blood flow. So a tight tunica is needed for this to happen right? So what if after 6 months of PE your tunica loosens? Sure you may get an increase in girth but for how long can that size be maintained? Is it possible to gain girth and still have high EQ?

    I'm just concerned that PE will destroy my erection quality over time, I hope someone can tell me the opposite...

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    From what I have read, the closing of the "valves" leading out of the Corpora is caused by an internal "chemical" reaction within the local nerves and cells and has little to do with the size of the dorsal vein or tension of the tunica. Based on the number of guys on this and other similar forums who have successfully jelqed without causing ED issues, I believe you can jelq without a problem. However, you must condition your dick properly with a Beginner's routine and be careful not to grasp your base too tightly.
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