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  • Jelq only routine

    Hey guys I'll be brief: I've started PE a few times, but this time I have been serious. What I am asking you is what do you think about only jelq routing.I am asking this because I tried manual stretching first then jelq for like 20 mins and it just doesnt feel right and recently I've been trying to warm up and jelq for 30 min in the morning with no stretching and I feel amazing, raging erection during the whole day and no turtleling. My point being is that i want both lenght and girth, but i'd rather have lenght since I am satisfied with me girth. So am basicly asking do you think jelqing only is enough to gain lenght, not to mention that without stretching I feel so great and horny all the time.

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    Jelging is amazing and could give you a little length in the long term but you might wanna incorporate the stretches again. Maybe do jelging first in the mornings and stretches later on in the afternoon an hour or two before bed ( unless your going to have sex bc stretching mines tires mine out too).

    If i do a good routine of stretching its very hard to get a full erection later on for jelging and its not the same. They wear out your member pretty fast so try waiting till later in the day an hour or 2 before bed and do them, hopefully it will get plenty of rest by the time you get up so you can keep getting those raging erections you like throughout the day haha
    Feb 1st 2013 7.25 inches bpel.. 5.8 inches eg

    Long term goal: 8 inches bpel. 6 inches eg (reached this but took a long break with some stretching but no real routine.)

    current size : 7.75 inches bpel 6 inches eg


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      Bro, that EXACTLY what I do . But eventually you will plateau , all you g2 do though is stretch and jelq it back to in a steel rod .

      BTW when I plateau , I stretch only for 1 day and rest the next and jelq it back the day after .