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Is this a dangerous technique?

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  • Is this a dangerous technique?

    Just started doing this cause im trying to boost my lenght gains,got nice girth gains,but lenght is not doing so hot...
    So when i do my stretches i do this one stretch where i grab the head with one hand and the bottom of the penis with other hand and then gently stretch in both directions,one hand pushing down and one up...

    Im really a newbie in all of this so just thought i run this up with the old timers cause i think this technique might bring some good lenght gains

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    As long as your stretches are not using excessive force or causing any sort of pain. A gentle gradual stretch as you are describing is a great technique as it stretches the fascia an corpora bodies more and takes some of the stresses away from the pubic ligaments.


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      It's called a tunica stretch or a tunica tug.


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        I do this..
        start: aug 1 2013
        bpel: 6.9..7.1..7.2..8.5
        Nbpel: 6..6.2..6.4..8
        Mseg: 5..5..6.5
        Flaccid: 4..4.

        his mother was a mudder..


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          Thx guys,didnt know this is a common technique...gonna keep doing it then