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Jelqing and Curve in penis

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  • Jelqing and Curve in penis

    So I'm a beginner. I don't do the pe much, but for at least two times a week i try and explore and eventually i will move into a routine. I do have a curve, and basically my right side of my penis is curved. Therefore, it points just slightly to the left. I've been practicing jelqs and v jelqing. (after warming up) I do feel a bit of minor discomfort on the Left side all the way to the base of the penis. It's not that painful just a bit tense feeling. It eventually gets a bit sensitive. I understand as a jelq i'm working it out and due to it being curved it's getting extra friction due to the exercise. I would like to hear similar testimonies from other fellow pe'ers with a curved dick. Any advise would be appreciated