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I just want Girth. Any Suggestions I neeed It lol

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  • I just want Girth. Any Suggestions I neeed It lol

    DirectorJarvis's Album: My Start <<<< Look at my These Are My Photos.. I Am currently 6.5 inches on hard.. and when i get fully hard ( i wish i knew how just become this ) i am 7.1 inches .. i havent measured my girth but it really isnt very big .. i really just want girth.. any workouts i can do in my bathroom everyday that i can do while im hard or flaccid to increase my girth really big.

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    My first bit of advice is more of a warning; serious girth work is quite advanced and it's highly recommended that you're well conditioned before trying many of them. However, if you are smart and take a slow and progressive approach this can help you slowly ease into some of the more strenuous girth exercises. I see you've been here since late 2011, so I'm going to assume that you have a reasonable amount of PE under your belt - and even so, a slow progressive approach would still be advised!

    There are many types of squeezes such as ULIs, Horse Squeezes, SupraSlammers, etc. All of these can really put a lot of internal pressure on the chambers of the penis, expanding them over time. There is also clamping which many swear by, and even slinkies and semi-erect bends of all sorts. Add to that pumping routines. So you have endless possibilities to build a routine around any one or multiple exercises like what I've listed. I'll remind you again though, that these are all quite advanced so you really have to ease into them over time to help reduce the risk involved.

    Good luck. Regardless what path you take, be mindful, careful and patient. Injuries are no fun
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      I agree. Girth for me came from quite intense clamping and edging. You need to go slowly to condition your penis and figure out what it can take.
      PE is generally a long journey that requires patience and persistence.
      Measure your girth accurately and record it otherwise it will be difficult to track what works for you.
      Good luck!
      started PE in 2008.... BPEL 7.5" x EG 4.5"
      NBPEL 7.1" BPEL 7.5" x EG 5"
      FL 5.5" FG 4.5"
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      NBPEL 7.1" BPEL 7.5" x EG 5.3"
      NBPEL 7.1" BPEL 7.5" x EG 5.4"
      NBPEL 7.1" BPEL 7.5" EG 5.65"
      NPPEL 7.2" BPEL 7.75" EG 5.75"