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Well my partner now knows

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  • Well my partner now knows

    Hey all well last night I got caught :P

    I explained and she understood she said its big enough all ready.

    She is right kinda but I aint massive


    6.5" long
    5" girth

    any way at least now I aint got to sneak about with the BM so I should be able to get more consistent sessions in

    TBH best thing I have done was tell my partner so who else here has and what was the outcome?

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    I told my gf and said that's why I've been disappearing the Bath room so much for so long and I'm only being honest cos I don't like sneaking about I now can sit in same room as her and use my bib


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      Originally posted by gstylzee View Post
      I told my gf and said that's why I've been disappearing the Bath room so much for so long and I'm only being honest cos I don't like sneaking about I now can sit in same room as her and use my bib
      yep it is much better them knowing.

      im able to get more sessions in with more consistency as i dont have to wait for her to go out .

      whats a bib mate?


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        My wife has known since my 2nd week of PEing. She is very supportive and her support helps immensely
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          It's a good thing you got "caught" - having your partner support you on PE is the best! Plus as you said, you can fit in sessions easier since you're not sneaking around looking for little bits of private time.

          I told my girl right away. She noticed the increased EQ and loads already...and sometimes she has a laugh as I walk around the apartment with my dick wrapped in a steaming towel
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            Definitely a great idea to let your partner know. Makes it so much easier to do the routine. I told the Mrs about 1 to 1 1/2 years after I started. She did notice a difference but figured it was the testosterone shots I was taking at the time. Now she wants to help once in a while but always wants to watch me do my PE. She says it's really HOT to watch.
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              I told my wife about a month ago and got no response. So I will doing it anyways.
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                I have found that women are more supportive, understanding, and even interested in PE than most men expect. As boys most of us were conditioned to hide our hand's love for our penises, something to keep private, not speak about, or even to be ashamed of, and we keep to this mindset into adulthood. But women generally feel about men masturbating as men fell about women masturbating--we like the idea, even the experience and want the other gender to be more open about it. It is both interesting and arousing for me to listen to a woman talk about touching herself for any reason.

                For PE, we are not simply playing with our junk but we are taking care and improving our sexual health. Also know that every women has at some point encounted a man with ED for one night or more. That you are going to such lengths to maintain a strong sex tool is very appreciated by women. Some will react negatively but this is a very immature response and one that should not bother any of us Man-jelqers. We should have a confident attitude about it, "Yes, I spend hours every week improving my penis and I am happier and healthier for it. I do it largely for your benefit, do you do the same for me? If that is a problem for you, then maybe we are not rght for each other?" (NOTE: I am not advocating divorce or dumping your girl friend, just a simple example for clarity).

                If a spouse especially responds with dumbfounded shock or horror, well, honest communication is the most important part of any healthy relationship so you should sit her down and enlighten her to your motives. She will likely come around to like the idea. At the very least she will not feel that she is not pleasuring you enough, or that you are a total pervert, and thus offended if you explain the purpose of PE to her clearly.

                I have mentioned it to women I dated, only had a drink with, single or attached women I meet in a bar, or just messaging online. (I am thinking of bringing it up in the produce section if the change arises, "Hello miss. Nice cucumber you have in your hands. Do you know that I stroke my penis that way 100's of times daily to make it bigger and harder? It is all very scientific"). Almost everyone of the women I spoke about it to blushed at the thought and showed some level of interest. Some asked where to look for information for themselves or their men. A few mature women seemed to know of the phenomenon already, as simple as me telling them that I have a penis--duh!, of course you take care of your dick, you would be stupid not to--was their view. PE is a workout, no different than going to the gym or running, perhaps just as important.
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                  I let my wife know what I was doing probably about a month into it. The strange thing was, I knew she wouldn't care, but I was kind of shy about it. Of course, she said that I didn't need to, and that she was happy enough already. But she realized that I wanted to do it for me and her, for us. So I did my thing, let her know when I was doing it, and she supported me fully. She gave me my requested privacy, never made me feel weird about it, and even covered for me when needed.

                  Now, over a year later, things are much different. After some great motivation by Mr. & Mrs. L4M, she has become much more involved in my workouts. She loves to watch, finds it very erotic, and even asks now, "So, am I getting my show, or what?" PE is so much more pleasurable now, and I can't imagine doing it any other way.
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                    Gonna tell the wife soon. I've always said I would once all possible doubt that it works was gone because, well, just imagine the conversation otherwise:

                    Me: hey! I found this site on the Internet that says I can enlarge my penis! For real! Isn't that awesome!?
                    Her: ...............sure.........mmmhmmmm.

                    I was going to tell her tonight but she had to go and fall asleep early! Oh well, she's allowed, she has a rough day job (taking care of a very active 2 year old boy). Soon though. I hope she reacts positively like many others have reported.
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                      Wow this is amazing all the story's.

                      TBH there is no doubt in my mind now that telling your partner is the way to go off course some woman wont understand nor support there man but I think 90% of them will.

                      I have been with my partner for 15 years and we have two kids ones 8 other 5 so we are tight and have been through a lot together.

                      Last night she was sucking on my head and she never has done it like she did last night she could hardly get it in and I could tell by what she was doing she loved the thought of my head filling her mouth lol.

                      SHe told me after that it was bigger.

                      I aint gained hardly any thing but I think my EQ has improved some what.

                      My dick is sore as hell today not painful just sore but that's to be expected ive been using the BM and jelqing so yeah its going to be sore

                      Keep the story's coming.

                      Thanks and this is the best community ever


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                        Im really worried about this one :/

                        In my second week but heading back to be with the lady (less than a year still) and will be living in very confined quarters without jobs for a while.

                        The size topic has been discussed and she is, of course, saying all the usual reassurances. This is great, but doesnt mean im interested in slowing down - ive got the taste now!

                        Ultimately, it seems im going to have to sacrifice a good chunk of my perceived confidence (some of which ive already bitten the bullet on) for longer term enhanced physical stimulation. I do hope that the equation balances in my favour.

                        The health and eq angle is a good one, so cheers on the thread.
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