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Stretching during minor injury

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  • Stretching during minor injury

    Hey, I was wondering...

    If you have a minor injury, that's obviously from jelqing, like the little pinpoint spots/small bruises/etc..., and you decide to take a break to recover, is it still alright to stretch?
    start: aug 1 2013
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    I suppose for that specific type of injury (red dots), JAIs or light stretching would be OK. Regular stretching can build pressure as well,because of the grip needed, possibly making the situation worse.

    Most times though, if your injured and need a break, a full break would be best, to just let it heal. Impatience would only lead to further trouble.
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    Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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      Well to be honest with ya, i think that every damn injury, no matter if you think it's just a minor injury, you should always let it rest.
      My opinion
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