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Girth Gains Slowing Length Gains: What is Your Experience?

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  • Girth Gains Slowing Length Gains: What is Your Experience?

    I've read a couple of articles based on experienced members that you should do length before girth, since they argue that the thicker you are, the harder length gains are to come by.

    I'm exactly four months into PEing and I've gained exactly 1 inch in length strictly from jelqing (from 5.5 to 6.5 BPEL). Though I jelq at a relatively high erection level, I feel that I haven't made much stride in girth gains, standing at a disappointing 4.675.

    My Questions:

    (1) Are you a faster length gainer if you have a thinner penis? For those fast length gainers, what was your initial girth measurements?
    (2) Given that my ultimate goal is 8.5 x 6, would it be best to get to 8.5 first, and then focus 100% on girth, or instead start mixing in girth exercises with my usual jelq routine? I am afraid that if I start increasing my girth now, it may slow my length gains now. However, I really want more girth now!