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give me tips on my girth routine

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  • give me tips on my girth routine

    Hey all, took a year long hiatus after achieving 0.7" length gain and now I am back for some girth gains. Please give me some favorite exercises of yours or tips to make my workout yield better girth gains. My workout is as follows:

    Warm up 12 to 15 mins with electric heat pat
    Wet jelqs until I get too hard to do them anymore (about 3 or 4 mins)
    8 to 10 minute pump set in vacutech elliptical thick wall at 4mmhg
    Do 50 hard kegels in the pump, with the last 10 being longer 5 second kegels
    Repeat jelqs and pumping 4 or 5 times

    That's about it. Please share any secrets you might know! Thanks!

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    I don't have any secrets, just hard work. I gained girth with the routine in my signature. Take a look and see if it may help.
    Good luck.
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    We call it foreplay.
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    My routine and gains.


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      How long does that routine take you?
      Also, do you do kegels in that routine?
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        I recommend starting with something like L4M's routine. When your progress stalls, checkout the routine in my signature.


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          Anyone else?