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Made Big on Girth!!!! Want more!!!!

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  • Made Big on Girth!!!! Want more!!!!

    Hi Pegym,

    I took my girth measurement while edging with a rubberband clamp and i was really surprised to find out that at max EQ with the clamp on,the toilet paper roll measuring at 5.5" was only slightly loose at the base. I guess i am measuring in at least BEG at 5.25" because a 5" roll leaves a gap of around .2 to .3 at the base. I never expected to get girth like that so it's quite an achievement to me. I will be aiming for at least 5.75" to 6" BEG with the clamp on.

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    Glad for you, but why measure with the clamp on, if I may ask?

    Quality jelqs / Moving squeezes

    Off to the real world.


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      When I measure my flaccid hang while pulling on it as hard as i can, I get a 8.3 measurement!!
      Starting Stats

      Nov 26 2012

      7.5 BPEL
      4.7 MSEG
      5.1 BEG
      4.3 EGBH

      Current stats

      8.25 BPEL
      5.2 MSEG

      5.8 BEG
      4.2 EHeadG

      Hoping to be 8.5+ BPEL and 5.75+ MSEG