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Best way to measure girth without a tape measurer

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  • Best way to measure girth without a tape measurer

    Obviously Tape is the best way but I don't have some nor feel like getting it right now.

    I've measured with 2 different objects, A piece of paper and a shoe lace I marked at 5 5.5 and 6 in.

    I've gotten results all over the place most recently the paper read 5.75, yesterday my shoelace measured 6 in.
    But when I roll up the paper to match the circumfrence the cylinder it creates feels bigger than my penis. I haven't put it over it but I can't touch my finger to thumb with even 5.75 but with my dick I can. Perhaps cause I'm squeezing on real flesh and touching real softly with the paper.
    I'm making sure not to tie it loosely with either the paper or shoelace, I'm just wondering which one should I trust.

    Also I have had EQ issues but I find it hard to believe I was actually measuring 6 in girth.

    Just wondering any better alternatives?

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    The paper is basically tailor's tape. Just make sure it is pressed flat around your shaft and runs perpendicular to the angle your dick sticks out so you aren't going around diagonally.

    I use headphone wires.
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      A good tailor's tape is the best way to go. They can be picked up just about anywhere and they're super cheap.

      Strings/laces etc aren't very accurate for a couple reasons; they normally have some degree of elasticity and the thickness of the string will also influence your result.

      A strip of paper or anything else that is thin and doesn't stretch is your next best bet.
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        I stole mine from the docters drawer.
        Get Smart


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          I wonder how I meassure BPEL. I mean do you press it through the bone like 0.1mm above your dick or like 1 inch above your dick? AS it actually makes a difference. (obviously if I measure it 1inch above the dick I don't measure it downwards, but still makes a difference cuz of the bigger fatpad


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            You measure BPEL directly above the penis where it exits, the ruler should be touching the top of the penis when you're pressing the end of the ruler into the fat pad.

            Measuring higher up will measure a diagonal path, which will always be longer and therefore isn't accurate
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