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jp90 & edge/ballooning??

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  • jp90 & edge/ballooning??

    K so I'm on my second week of the routine with a 1 day on and 1 day off schedule. I feel good. Anyways I was thinking on my days OFF I could Edge "once a week" and Balloon "once a week" on the off days of course before bed to speed up recovery when I sleep. What y'all think?? Or maybe just ballooning, though it seems very uncomfortable but it seems like those rewards are worth it.

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    You'll likely get even better results if you edge immediately after your enlargement session. That way, you can take advantage of having pre-stretched the tissues of the penis. Edging can also help your recovery as well.

    You should leave your rest days for just that- rest. Regular sexual activity is fine, but you should not be doing any form of structured training on that day.
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