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Almost Hlaf an Inch Length Gain for Quitting Smoking

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  • Almost Hlaf an Inch Length Gain for Quitting Smoking

    It says 0.4". Some other fun facts, but if there wasn't enough reason to quit smoking, add increasing your dick size. Doesn't mention girth, but logically that would increase as well.

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    That is caused by higher EQ and it doesn't work the same for everyone. Many regular smokers have 100 EQ. So they won't benefit there from quitting smoking. Smoking just causes turtling due to blood circulation slowing down.


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      Smoking cigarettes is the stupidest thing I ever did. Im only 20 and only smoked for about a year but finally quit 3 years ago cold turkey and never looked back. Now I hate the smell I hate everything about it. Theres no benefits at all from smoking in any department. I was hanging out with a pretty hot girl for the first time the other day and she pulled out a cigarette which is like 1 of the biggest turnoffs ever to me. She was really hot and cool personality but I got completely turned off by the smoking and shes probly wondering why I didn't call or text her the next day


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        I think even if a smoker already has 100% EL, quitting smoking will help with gains, when I had a break in smoking (read unsuccessful attempt to quit) I had more erections during the day and my penis was plumper overall.. so even if you don't gain anything from quitting smoking.. you might gain easier from PE.

        and as usual: your mileage may vary...

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