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GIRTH!! Going from 5.5" to 6" only a half inch, but seems a world away

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  • GIRTH!! Going from 5.5" to 6" only a half inch, but seems a world away

    I considered the difference yesterday and rolled up two pieces of paper 5.5 and 6, and jesus christ what a difference. I can overlap my finger and thumb on 5.5 but on 6 they seem far more than .5"in apart. I'm wondering

    -Who has made the jump from 5.5 to 6 eg?
    -How did you do it?
    -How the hell did you do it lol, not just the exercises but the diet and mentality.

    Shane deisel is 7 eg and that thing could sink the titanic, frankly the girls he has sex with come across as pretty disgusting for the most part. Not hating but used up whores take it easier, I'm not saying I'd be upset if I had a 7 in eg but it really seems like 6 would be big enough for any girl.

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    6 eg can be too big for a lot of girls too
    7 is just monstrous


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      I'm 6.25 in girth and I have posted before that the difference that a little bit of girth increase makes is incredible (volunme). It took me over 10 years to go from 5 in girth go what I am now and I can't imagine 7+ inch girths...the volume difference from going from 5.5 to 6 is way less than going from 6.0 to 6.5... every 1/4 to 1/2 inch gain is monstrously different even though it doesn't sound like it.

      My methods are all what have been discussed on here except that I have conditioned my penis so that I know what intensity works and what it can handle. The bottom line is internal pressure is great enough to cause expansion without injury and everyone pe'ing needs to determine for themselves by consistently but safely pushing the thresholds of your penis.
      Started: 7 x 5
      Current: 8 inches x 6.25 inches (whole shaft)
      Goal 8.5 x 6.5



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        agree with manush. 7eg would be a big problem (pun intended) for alot of girls. My gf would never take 7eg...she can't take my head (5.3 eg) very well as it is at the start, i'm 5.7 meg at the moment (maybe 5.8 on a really good day but i won't claim it) and I only recently let on i was trying out PE in a serious way and she said 'you have a huge dick're crazy'. I said would it be a problem if i got bigger? She looked at me funny and said 'yes, especially any thicker...I can't get it in now!' LOL.

        I'm still aiming to balance mine out (6beg) so its 6 right up to the glans if possible but even the small gain i've had in eg so far hasn't went unnoticed (that is why she got suspicious i was doing pe in the first place). Anything over 5.2-5.3 in eg will stretch most women i can attest based on my own experience with previous partners too...
        (25/3/13) BPEL 6.7 MEG 5.2 BEG 5.5 FL 4.0


        (27/5/13) BPEL 7.0 MEG 5.5 BEG 6.0 FL 4.9

        (18/7/13) BPEL 7.0 MEG 5.6 BEG 6.0.

        (20/12/13) BPEL 7.1 MEG 5.7 BEG 6.1. FL 5.1 Gains now coming very slowly.

        BPEL 8.0 MEG 6.0 BEG 6.0 (max 6.2) FL 6.0


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          I always think it's amazing how much of a difference an inch can make to a man's life! It can be the difference between having low self esteem and feeling like a king. If there is a God then he's cruel lol.


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            Keep that EQ and erection level going past 100% in good edging sessions.
            Blood flow and proper kegels are the key to girth expansion.
            Girth is where it's at. I thought I would stop gaining girth after I plateaued at about 6.5", but after a few months of break, I was ready to gain again.
            BPEL: 6.7-8.57" NBPEL: 6.3-8.25"
            MEG: 5.9-6.5" HeadEG: 5.4-6.25" BEG: 6.25-7"
            CI:1.5 -2.5
            Flaccid: 5"x4.75" -> 6.25"x5.375" for +63% volume
            275ml-435ml in 3 years, 6 months(active 2 years) for +58% volume
            6.7x5.9 - 8.57x6.5 or bigger than 9/10x49/50 - 2999/3000x1666/1667


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              5.3 according to my opinion is the border between average and big
              **Even the longest journey begins with a single, small, significant step**


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                My wife noticed a .25 inch gain in girth. Another .5 and I will be at 6 girth. That is my goal and so far things are going well. So it seems we have the same goal, I and currently at 7" bpel and if I can just break past 7 I will be exstastic.
                Guess I need to start keeping track.
                9.24.2013 7.1 BPEL x 5.75 EG
                11.7.2013 7.25 BPFSL
                11.23.2013 7.25 BPEL Yah!
                3.11.2014 7.5 x 5.75
                12.29.2014 7.75 x 5.75
                9.22.2015 7.75 x 6
                Looks like I need to work on length.