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    I came across this survey that a doctor is working on. She requests that all participants submit a picture of you measuring yourself properly. So far the average BPEL is 6.0". She sends you the results when you submit your measurements.Penis Size Survey

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    Still not controlled enough, are only bigger guys going to post photos, I would bet that smaller guys would not do so as freely. Also, is this potentially going to be used in the future to promote anything, if so is she going to show a higher than true average. I would not be able to say she is legit, she is just another on the net who will claim that their study is legit.

    What if 1/2 of the guys under 6 inches were removed from the survey, that alone would change the numbers. Not saying she is doing that but who can say she is not, things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

    Remember that every survey we have ever seen that claim the average is bigger than the average are also selling something. I was 6 inches BPEL when I started this and I was usually referred to as big and thick, only one girl ever said I was small but she sure didn't act like it at the moment of entry!
    Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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      Based on the ruler she said I'm 7.6". Funny thing is the girth measurement is self-declared and so is the flaccid length and girth.
      The average girth for her survey is 5.1". A little high, but not far off.
      Anyways, I got to send a girl a picture of my junk without her calling the cops for once.